Türkiye- Istanbul – Bursa – Balikesir – Izmir Highway Preliminary and Final Project Engineering Services

Project Description

The Orhangazi-Bursa Section is the northward section of the Bursa Peripheral Highway which forms a part of the İstanbul – Bursa – Balıkesir – İzmir Motorway. This dual-three lane motorway was 34 km. long and forms part of the İzmit Bay Crossing and Motorway which is planned to be expanded in the future.

Izmit and Gemlik Bays have great dual importance with respect to trade and industry. In addition to this, the lands on the route of Motorway are very fertile so agriculture and farming are well developed in these regions. Therefore BOTEK has taken all of these important factors and conditions into consideration and design the motorway for future traffic flow and forthcoming necessity. BOTEK has also determined the conditions in order to protect the nature, agriculture and structures in the vicinity of the motorway from harmful effects of all sorts of materials used against icing on the surface of the motorway and on the structures and established systematic solutions for the installations and structures to be used for prevention and purification, and examined the design outlines of the motorway, connection and frontage roads and roadside installations from the viewpoint of harmony with nature and ensured the conformity of the motorway with its surroundings.

All design and engineering works are made completely according to “TEM Standards and Recommended Practice” which is published by UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe)

Besides motorway works, BOTEK has also performed following activities:

  • Arrangement and planning ofside roads and facilities located alongside of the motorway
  • Derivation and rehabilitation of 3 streams around the interchanges.
  • Lighting Works comprising all motorway, toll plazas, parking areas, service and maintenance areas, over-passes, under-passes and interchanges to include transformers, lanterns, armatures, polls, cables, emergency generator and all other ancillary equipments and spares
  • Emergency communications system works include phones, cabling, power source, posts and other works and spares
  • Demolition, reconstruction or relocation of under or above ground electrical, telecommunication lines and drinking water installations

Project Summary

  • Motorway (2×3), (34km)
  • Side Roads(26km)
  • Motorway Interchange Bridges
  • State Highway Interchange Bridges
  •  Viaducts (Approx. 3312 m)
  • Toll plazas
  • Service Area
  • Car park
  • Culverts
  • Under-bridges
  • Over-bridges
  •  Motorway Bridges
  • State Highway Bridge
  • 34,605 m2 Retaining Walls

Services Provided

  • Field Survey
  • Geotechnical Survey
  • Feasibility Study
  • Preliminary Design
  • Final Motorway Design
  • Detailed Structural Design
  • Landscape Design
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Pollution Prevention Studies
  • Traffic Signs and Signalization
  • Expropriation Plans
  • Cross Sections
  • Earthworks Calculations
  • Bruckner Calculations
  • Preparation of Bill of Quantities and Tender Assistance