Türkiye- Construction Supervision and Engineering Consulting Services for Ankara – Pozantı Motorway

Project Description

Ankara – Pozantı (Çiftehan – Pozantı Section) Motorway is the part of Trans-European Motorway (TEM) connecting western Anatolia to the southern Anatolia starting from Ankara. BOTEK has provided supervision and engineering consultancy services for 18.498 km long, 3-lane Motorway comprises earthworks, structures, bridges and viaducts, tunnels, administrative and service buildings, toll plaza, road pavement, security, traffic and secondary works, for the Ankara – Pozantı Motorway .

Project Summary

  • Lighting Works comprising all motorway, toll plaza, tunnels, over-passes, under-passes and interchanges to include transformers, lanterns, armatures, polls, cables, emergency generator and all other ancillary equipments and spares
  • Emergency communications system works include phones, cabling, power source, posts and other works and spares
  • Demolition, reconstruction or relocation of under or above ground electrical, telecommunication lines and drinking water installations
  • Arrangement and planning ofside roads and facilities located alongside of the motorway
  • Motorways (2×3) 16.046 km
  • Connection Roads    (2×2)   2.452 km

TOTAL: 18.498 km

As can be seen from the description of actual services provided by our staff together with the absence of PIU unit in this project, BOTEK in reality, while executing the main duties of the Consultant, also fulfilled the task that was expected from a PIU unit, as far as quality control and,  financial and administrative duties were concerned.

Project Summary

  • Culverts
  • Under-Passes
  • Under-pass bridges having total length of 81 m
  • Interchange Bridges having total length of 117 m
  • Viaducts having total length of 2470 m
  •  Twin Tube Tunnels;
    • Kırkgeçit Tunnel: 2 x 497 m
    • Çakıt Tunnel: 2 x 469 m
  • Toll Plaza
  • Reinforced concrete retaining walls having total length of 10.383 m

Reinforced concrete piles having total length of 38400 m will be constructed for the foundations of viaducts and bridge

Building Summary

Within the scope of Çiftehan – Pozantı Section of Ankara – Pozantı Motorway, there exist;​

  • Supervision of Motorway Construction
  • Supervision of Viaduct, Bridge & Structure
  • Supervision of Motorway Barriers and
  • Railings Mountings
  • Supervision of Construction of Facilities,
  • Parking and Maintenance Areas, Service
  • Stations, Toll Plazas, Administrative and
  • Public Buildings
  • Supervision of Motorway Landscape Works
  • Supervision of Pavement and Earthworks
  • Supervision of Electric and Water Line
  • Installations
  • Supervision of Lighting Works
  • Traffic Census
  • Traffic Signs and Signalization
  • Drainage Works
  • Landscape Studies and Planning
  • Design Review
  • Quality Control
  • Data processing and Documentation
  • Preparation of Final Accounts and Payment Certificates