Serbia – Preparation of Main Designs for Heavy Maintenance of the State Roads – RRSP-CS3-RRD4-3-2017-02

Funded by European Investment Bank (EIB) and the World Bank (IBRD).

Project Description

Road Rehabilitation and Safety Project (RRSP) is a project of support of international financing institutions (World Bank, European Investment Bank and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) to the Government of the Republic of Serbia in implementation of the National State Road Network Rehabilitation Program. This Project represents the implementation of the first phase of the Government`s Program for the period 2014-2022 and covers the following.

– improvement of condition on state road network by means of rehabilitation of the existing roads,

– increase of road safety condition through appliance of measures for improvement of road safety in all phases of the Project implementation, and

– strengthening capacity and development of institutional coordination in the field of road and traffic safety through implementation of a number of various services.

Detailed Design, Economic Analysis & Traffic Management Plan Consultancy Services for 92 km State Road. Including 6 bridges, 2 Overpasses and 2 Viaduct.

Related project consist of the Lots following below:

  • LOT 1: IA 1, Ražanj (interchange) – Aleksinac (interchange), L=25.406 km
  • LOT 2: IB 33, Požarevac (Orljevo) – Lješnica, L=35.057 km
  • LOT 3: IB 34, Bratinac (Nabrđe) – Braničevo (Tribrode), L=31.003 km

Services Provided

  • Traffic volume analysis,
  • Detailed Design for Geodetic Surveys
  • Study on Field Surveys and Testing
  • Assessment of the Existing Pavement Condition
  • Assessment of the Condition of System for Draining Pavement and Road Base
  • Environmental Management Plan
  • Social Safeguard Requirements
  • Traffic Safety Analysis
  • Detailed Pavement, Structures and Construction Design
  • Detailed Design of Traffic Signage
  • Design for Traffic Management During Construction Works
  • Economic Analysis
  • Contents, Processing and Delivery of Technical Documents
  • Control of Preparation of Design for Heavy Road Maintenance
  • Reporting
  • Road safety audit