Nepal – Consulting Services for Preparation and Implementation of Resettlement Action Plans (RAP) and Preparation, Supervision of Implementation of Livelihood Restoration Plans (LRP) for the Transmission Line Alignment of Electricity Transmission Project (ETP)

Funded by Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC)

Project Description

The Electricity Transmission Project (ETP) will focus on the design and construction of approximately 315 km of a double-circuit 400 kV transmission line (including some quad-circuit towers) to provide a vital missing link of different river basins to the existing high voltage grid in Nepal. The alignment of the transmission line and segments were selected following careful analyses and feasibility studies that weighed both technical and economic merits, the importance in meeting Nepal’s medium and long-term electricity supply goals, and consistency with Nepal’s domestic and cross-border transmission investment plans. Project objectives are to develop and implement all aspects of the Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) and develop, supervise the implementation of the Livelihood Restoration Plans (LRP) for the project in accordance with IFC Performance Standard 5 on Land Acquisition and Involuntary Resettlement for three segments of transmission line alignments of ETP in order to support affected person/households to improve or restore their livelihood to at least pre-project levels. Additionally, MCC Policy on Gender and Social Inclusion, on Counter Trafficking in Persons and the provisions of IFC PS 7 (where appropriate) must be mainstreamed throughout the process using the protocols developed for the project and which are required under the terms of contract, as defined in the project Environmental and Social, Health and Safety Management Plan (ESHSMP).

Services Provided

  • Assistance the Nepal Electricity Authority improve its transmission operations.
  • Technical assistance to strengthen the recently created Electricity Regulatory Commission in areas such as tariff setting, rule-making, dispute resolution, and economic and technical regulation to help bring transparency, efficiency, inclusive consultation and competition to the power sector.
  • Preparatory Planning – A Resettlement Manual
  • Develop a Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) and integrated within this Plan, a Livelihoods Restoration Plan (LRP) for each of the three segments of the transmission Line length.
  • Implement the RAPs and,
  • Supervise the LRPs Implementation.