Nepal – Design and Supervision Consultant (DSC) – Triyuga

This Project is executed according to the FIDIC Condition of Contract. Funded by World Bank (WB)

Project Description:

The project consist of engineering design and implementation supervision support at Triyuga Municipality as well as supporting the municipalities in assessing and managing environmental and social (E&S) risks and impacts in compliance with national requirements, WB safeguard policies etc and in carrying out citizen and stakeholder engagement activities as outlined in ESMF and PIM for implementation of its strategic municipal infrastructure investments under Nepal Urban Governance and Infrastructure Project (NUGIP).

Project involves with;

1) Municipal roads : Construction / pavement of local roads will include design elements (such as bicycle lanes and energy efficient street lighting for disaster prevention and to mitigate climate change) and materials intended for prevailing and changing of frequency climate events to prevent shortening of road life cycles and/or temporary loss of accessibility. The design of road and its elements will be based on future traffic projections and road safety principles, sound pavement, earthquake and flood resistant bridges, access to nearby properties etc.

2) Storm water drainage: Construction, rehabilitation or increased capacity of storm water drainage in roads will contribute to better flood risk reduction.

3) Street lights: Installation of solar powered street lighting systems will contribute to renewable energy generation, thus reducing GHG emissions.

4) Project may have few potential investments in water sector, waste water sector and solid waste management sector as well that are not identified yet.

Services Provided:

  • Project Management and Coordination.
  • Review and update the DPR provided by the Client
  • Detailed toposheet surveys; traffic surveys; road safety audits; surveys for junctions/intersections; geotechnical investigations for pavement, cross drainage structures such as culverts, minor/major bridges, retaining walls; investigations for ensuring structural integrity of existing structures; cadastral mapping/surveys for assessing the land ownership; hydrological investigations and hydraulic surveys for municipal roads and drainage.
  • Technical assessments based on surveys/investigations/audits output reports and prepare detailed engineering designs in accordance with the design guidelines
  • Supervision services for widening, reconstruction, rehabilitation and construction
  • Establish and monitor construction quality assurance
  • Preparation of environmental and social instruments for the identified investments
  • Monitoring of construction schedules comparing actual progress to planned
  • Monitoring of costs and recommendation for approval of payments to contractors.