Türkiye- Vezneciler, Edirnekapi, Eyüp, Gop, Sultangazi Metro Line

Project Description

This work is the carrying out of the route studies of the approximately 17km long Vezneciler-Edirnekapı-Eyüp-GOP-Sultangazi Railway System Line. The project is determined within the frame of the Istanbul Metropolitan Area Integrated Urban Transportation Plan. Watching out for integration, standardization and also the optimization of the depot-maintenance area, carrying out of the comparative route researches at appropriate scales route alternatives that are to be developed. Determining of appropriate route in the direction of the results of the study, carrying out of the line based transportation studies. Developing of financing model that provides the supporting of the planned rail mass transportation route by real estate investments. Determining of the locations of the stations, the carrying out of the preliminary project designs of the stations and appropriate depot areas. Determining of the operating scenarios, preparing of the construction plans of the selected route with scale of 1/5000 and preparing of the Financial and Economical Feasibility Studies.

Services Provided

  • Project Management
  • Preliminary Design
  • Surveysand reports
    • Geotechnics (seismic study included)
    • Topography Land Survey
    • Traffic
    • Dilapidation
    • EIA/Noise/Vibration
    • Land Usage
    • Utilities
  • Utilities Diversion Design
  • Traffic Diversion Design
  • MEP (Tunne and Station Depot)
  • Power Supply, Communication/Signalization
  • New Urban Zoning Plan, Expropiations
  • Contribution to Design Standards and FS
  • Construction Health and Safety
  • Bill of Quantities and Tender Documents