Türkiye- Preliminary and Final Design Services for Yusufeli Dam Access Roads

Project Description

Yusufeli Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant is located on Coruh River, about 40 km southwest of Artvin City center and about 10 km downstream of Yusufeli Town. It is the highest dam of Turkey and 6th highest dam of Europe.  Yusufeli Dam Access Roads is located alongside the Coruh River. The project consists of survey and project consultancy services for Yusufeli Dam Access Roads including technical studies, preliminary and final design.  Yusufeli Dam Access Road will provide continuous accessibility between Erzurum, Ardahan, Kars provinces and Yusufeli district.

Project Details

  • 7 Bridges
  • 1 Special Bridge
  • 3 Viaducts ( The longest viaduct has a length of 600 m and height of 160 m)
  • 47 Tunnels (Total Length of tunnels: 35 km; The longest tunnel’s length is 3200 m)

Total Length of the roads: 70 km

Services Provided

  • Topographical Surveys
  • Road Structures (Bridge, viaduct etc.)
  • Horizontal-Vertical Alignment Studies
  • Hydraulic Surveys
  • Interchange projects
  • Tunnel Project Services
  • Drainage Works
  • Cross-section and Clearence Drawings, Bruckner
  • Traffic Studies
  • Environmental Impact Assessment