Kyrgyz Republic-Project Management and Construction Supervision Consultant for Urban Transport Electrification Project

Project Description:

The project consist of a 3.5-kilometer e-bus green mobility pilot corridor and 2 depots to reduce congestion in the city center, demonstrate improved traffic and parking management and to increase bus speed and service reliability. This will include (i) optimized locations and upgrade of bus stops along the pilot corridor; (ii) redesign of some of the intersections, traffic channelization, and minor road works; (iii) upgrade of the traffic signal system with optimized timing and synchronization; (iv) improved parking management measures; and (v) improvements for non-motorized transport (pedestrians and cyclists). Upgraded bus stops will incorporate security features to protect women and vulnerable groups.

The project has the following outputs;

(1) upgrade of zero-emission tailpipe bus fleet in Bishkek municipality; (ii) upgrade of bus depot infrastructure; (iii) establish of pilot green mobility corridor; and (iv)improve of Bishkek bus operation sustainability.

This project is executed according to the FIDIC General Conditions of Contract.

Services Provided:

  • Design Review and Compliance: Review and approval of Contractor’s drawings and quality control of works for compliance with design.
  • Project Management and Construction Supervision: responsible for assisting the Client/Employer with project management and the construction supervision of the Works contract. Provide support in overall coordination and management of the project including, progress and performance monitoring and reporting, contract administration and management, financial management, environmental and safeguards compliance and training and necessary assistance to the Client and other government staff to ensure effective project implementation. And also management of claims and disputes.
  • Contract and Claim Management: Assist the Client/Employer for Civil Work Contracts for all the contractual matters and claims.
  • Social and Environmental Safeguards: Supervise and monitor implementation of environmental management plan (EMP), Health & Safety Management Plans (HSMP) and Traffic Management Plan (TMP). Supervise compliance to Resettlement Plan or any other social development issues identified during feasibility study/detailed design phase.
  • Quality Control: To ensure that the works are executed in accordance with detailed design developed and are constructed to the prescribed quality in accordance with the specifications, bidding documents, and quality assurance systems.
  • Training: Contractors and UTD/BTD personnel for EMPs, HSMPs and TMPs management and monitoring during construction and operation.