Pakistan-Third Party Validation (TPV) for Optimal Route of Rawalpindi Ring Road Economic Corridor (R3 PROJECT)

Project Description:

Third Party Validation (TPV) is required to validate/ improve the  studies conducted in year 2018, 2020 and 2021 to determine optimal Route of Rawalpindi Ring Road Economic Corridor by evaluating the conducted/ improved feasibility studies on Technical, Financial and Legal parameters.


Prime Minister office directed to conduct third party validation of Rawalpindi ring road project for adoption of optimal route on the existing studies (but not limited to) as follow;

  • preliminary feasibility study – 38.3 km main carriageway Baanth N-5 to Thalian (M-2) with 3 optional links
  1. 12.5km Rawat link (Dual Carriageway)
  2. 1.5km Girja chowk
  • 6.5 Km Rehabilitation of existing Fateh Jang Tarnol Road.
  • detailed design of 65.3 Km form Radio Pakistan (N5) to Sangjani (N5).

detailed design of 38.3 Km carriageway (Baanth N-5 to Thalian (M-2).

Services Provided:

  • Review of previous studies undertaken and carry out detail optional analysis of all the proposed alignments.
  • Comparison and evaluation of all feasibility’s studies, detailed design and cost estimates of each route.
  • Comparison and validation of the designs as per AASHTO Standards specifications (including AASHTO Green Book) or equivalent applicable on motorways in Pakistan.
  • Validate design as per previous contract agreements between client and consultants.
  • Validation of the traffic study report to assess the impact of the project on decongestion of traffic in twin cities. Conduct new traffic study to assess the accuracy and completeness of traffic data and identify gaps in previous studies.
  • Conduct field surveys of each alignment to assess the existing terrain, waterways, residential properties, agricultural land, and religious sites etc. to assess the design parameters.
  • Financial assessment of the existing proposed alignments in terms of economy, efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Evaluate, analyze and compare all financial parameters of design using financial techniques but not limited to cost benefit ratio, payback and value for money analysis in context with financing mode of project Government funding, foreign bank soft loan and Public Private Partnership(PPP).
  • The consultant shall ascertain the concept of economic corridor alongside of Rawalpindi Ring Road and develop a conceptual plan for each alignment to assess the benefits of economic corridor alongside Rawalpindi Ring Road for public interest at large.