Umman – Upgrading of Junctions to Grade Separated Interchanges on Existing Batinah Expressway

Project Description

The project includes design of 6 interchanges on existing Batinah Expressway.

Services Provided

  • Topographical survey of each junction location, including identification of existing utilities. (1/1000 scale topographical maps showing existing utilities)
  • Concept highway design of the grade separated interchange, including service roads along both sides of the highway (Interchange plan and profile drawings including at-grade roundabout layout, arrangement of diverting and joining lanes, arrangement of service roads)
  • Concept structural design of the bridge for overpassing road will have 3 lanes in each direction (Design of overpassing bridge containing 3 lanes each way. Plan, elevation, sections and typical details about structural members will be provided. The bridge will have similar appearance as already approved bridges. Special attention will be paid to aesthetic features)
  • Bill of Quantities (BOQ) of construction items