Umman – Consultancy Services for Dualization of Bidbid Sur Road

Project Description

The Dualisation Project is aimed at transforming the single-lane Bidbid-Sur carriageway into an all-weather motorway. The scope of work for the first phase involves the construction of the 40km stretch of the existing carriageway from Sarur in Samayil Wilayat to beyond Wadi al Aqq and some adjoining roads. This segment represents Package 1-A of Section 1 of the dualisation project, which will cover the entire 250km length of the carriageway after completion. Moreover, five major wadi bridges at higher elevations, as well as a number of smaller bridges and culverts, will be constructed at key points along the existing carriageway stretch.

BOTEK is responsible for Design, Engineering and Consultancy Services for various Structures.

Services Provided

  • Design, Engineering and Consultancy Services
  • Alternative Design of the Foundations of Bridges
  • Technical Assistance to the Contractor