Türkiye- Supervision Services for the Construction of Dereköy Intersection – Aziziye

Project Description

The platform width of Kırklareli–Dereköy–Aziziye Turkish – Bulgarian State Road Project is 10 m and pavement is only 7 m with surface treatment, after the completion of the proposed project platform width will be 12-14 m, the pavement will be 10 meter, and surface type will be asphalted concrete. By widening the existing platform width from 10 meter to 14 meter throughout Kırklareli–Dereköy–Aziziye the works consist of .A-Earth Works: Preparation for filling, cut excavation, Filled section works. B-Hydraulic Structure: Construction of 5 box culverts, 12 arc culverts, different types of retaining walls and drainage structures. C-Pavement Works: Crushed stone sub base (20 cm), Plant-mix base (15 cm), Bituminous hot mix base layer (8 cm), Asphalted concrete binder layer (6 cm), Asphalted concrete wearing layer (5 cm)