Iraq – Preliminary & Final Design of Erbil – Koya Highway Krg/ Iraq

Project Description

Taking into consideration high volume of traffic on the existing road, the Ministry of Construction and Housing has decided to initiate a new corridor study and then design and construction of new road.

BOTEK is given the assignment, which includes the corridor study of various alignments and selection and recommendation of the best suitable alignment to the Ministry and after the approval of the selected alignment, preparation of Preliminary and Final Design and also Tender Documents of new Erbil Koya highway.

The project starts after Kasnazan on Erbil – Koya Highway just after the dual carriageway ends. The project section is approximately 65 km and existing Koya – Suleymaniye road after Koya city.

Total length of the alignment is 59 km and has 1 major bridge, 67 culverts and 3 intersections. Design speed adopted is 120 km/hr, minimum horizontal curvature adopted on the alignment is R= 1000 m, maximum longitudinal grade is 6% which is used once in a critical location. This slope can be decreased after the detail survey. The road will be dual carriageway 2*2 with a 7 m median and 3.75 lane widths.

Services Provided

  • Prepare the alignment alternatives
  • Preparation of preliminary and detailed design