Pakistan – Design and Supervision Services of Its System for the New Metro Bus Line

Project Description

The New Islamabad International Airport (NIIA) comprises of a 25.60Km of Signal Free corridor starting near Peshawar Morr and terminating at Airport. There are 08-Stations which are equipped with Pedestrian Bridges, Elevators, and Escalators etc. The average width of the Metrobus Corridor is approx. 9.60m. The Project is being constructed by the National Highway Authority at a Cost of Rs.16.427-Billion. It has been observed that certain essential Works are not included in the NHA assigned Scope but is required for operationalizing the System such as Automated Fare collection System, AVL System, Intelligent Transportation Systems(ITS) System, Security & Surveillance system, Bus Scheduling System etc. including Construction of Bus Depot with allied facilities and Command and Control Centre.


Services Provided

  • Design & Review of Electro-mechanical & ITS Works i/c Automatic Fare Collection System, Bus Scheduling System, Fleet Management System, Security Surveillance System etc.
  • Design of Depot facilities i/c Command & Control Centre & CMTA Office.
  • Construction Supervision of the Project
  • Hiring of Service Providers (O&M) Works