Ethiopia – Bahirdar Abay River Bridge and Accesses Design and Construction Road Project

Project Description

Construction of substructure and superstructure of the bridge alternatives that are governed by their respective heights and spans. There shall be two carriageway units on LHS and RHS units separated by 4m-6m in the median to carry traffic. Each lane unit shall comprise of 3 lanes of traffic, cycle track and side walk / footpath details as follows: 21.50m (overall width of each carriageway unit) = 0.50m (Crash Barrier) + 11.50m (Lane width) + 0.50m (separator – kerb) + 3.50m (Two-way Bicycle Lane) + 5.0m (raised side walk) + 0.50m (Crash Barrier). There shall be two carriageway units on LHS and RHS separated by 3m wide median at the approach roads and at bridge underpass. Each lane unit of Bezawit road at Bridge underpass shall comprises: 2×3.5m carriage way, 5m sidewalk way in the outer side, inner sider walkway shall be as shown in the typical drawings). Clear height for Bridge underpass of Bezawit road shall not be less than 5.50m. Each lane unit of Bezawit road at approach comprises: 2×3.5m carriage way, 3m sidewalk alongside with 2m green area, and 1.5m space for side and/or back slope and auxiliary drains. Construction of ramps made of reinforced concrete slab having 10.1m total width (6.6m carriageway, 2.5m walkway, 0.5m composite parapet at each side) for Bezawit road access to main road and from main road to Bezawit road that are supported by discrete columns.

Services Provided

  • Supervise the activities of the contractor in accordance with the contract between the Contractor and the Employer Coordination and Consultation
  • Technical Works

-Quality Control
-Health and Safety
-Environmental and Social
-Enforcing the Right of Way Removal Process

  • Measurement and Payment
  • Intermediate and Final Project Audits
  • Finalization of Contract