Iraq – Design of Highway With Required Tunnels & Bridges

Project Description

  • The existing Erbil-Shaglawa-Mama-Jalka-Rewanduz-Hacıomran Highway, extending North-East from the Capital city Erbil to Iranian border is one of the important routes of Kurdistan to Iran.
  • The existing road carries considerable traffic, including heavy and long vehicles and need to be upgraded with alternate corridors to improve the horizontal and vertical geometry of the road.
  • It has been agreed by the Ministry of Construction and Housing to upgrade the existing route and constructing a new dual carriageway up to Hareer-Mama-Jalka interchange. And the final decision was made as to continue the route by a new design from the new Mama-Jalka interchange to Haciomran via Rewanduz and Jundian.
  • The scope of this study covers the works from the new Mama-Jalka Interchange up to Jundian.
  • This section applies to the execution of New Austrian Tunneling Method (NATM) in any type of rock. This section does not deal with specific topics of rock classification. Excavation may be carried out by drill and blast using pre-split or smooth blasting techniques or by road header or tunnel excavator. The New Austrian Tunneling Method (NATM) is based on the principle to take utmost advantage of the rock`s capacity to support itself, by careful measures and deliberate guidance of the forces during the readjustment process from the primary to the secondary state of stress, which takes place in the surrounding of the excavation. By this way, local progressive loosening will be limited by careful excavation methods and timely installation of the support elements and the rock mass will be able to support itself. The supports elements are shotcrete, wiremesh, rock bolts and steel ribs.

     Project Details

  • The project consists of 3 tunnels and 4 viaducts.
  • Preliminary design preparation for (Mamajalka Interchange / Hareer – Rawandoz – Jundian) Highway with Required Tunnels & Bridges and for all structures and installations (such as tunnels, viaducts, bridges, interchanges and installations for the maintenance and services) on the highway.
  • Detail designs of (Mamajalka Interchange / Hareer – R0wandoz – Jundian) Highway With Required Tunnels & Bridges
  • Bill of Quantities, Conditions of Contract of Technical Specifications required for the Construction contracts of the whole section.
  • Design Length of TunnelTunnel #1: 3600 m, Tunnel #2:  6860 m, Tunnel #3: 1750 m
  • Tunnel Height : 5,50 meter
  • Tunnel Tube Internal Area : 71 m2
  • Tunnel Circumference : 33 meter
  • Max. Avg. Wind Velocity: 9 m/sn.
  • Passenger Car Traffic Density : 800 vehicle/hour
  • Heavy Vehicle Traffic Density : 1200 vehicle/hour
  • Road Width Inside Tunnel Tube: 8.50 meters (2 lanes)
  • Tunnel Horizontal and Vertical Geometry Design Speed : 120 km/hr
  • Allowable Speed In Tunnel : 80 km/hr
  • Tunnel Excavation Method : New Austrian Tunneling Method
  • Number of Emergency Vehicle Exit : Tunnel #1: 3, Tunnel #2: 6, Tunnel #3: 2
  • Number of Emergency Pedestrain Exit : Tunnel #1: 2, Tunnel #2: 4, Tunnel #3: 1

Fire Extinguishing System:

All the fire suppression systems shall be designed to the highly reliable, having low operation and maintenance costs, operable with few numbers of personnel and as automatic as possible.

Ventilation System: Tunnel #1: 28, Tunnel #2: 64, Tunnel #3: 16 number of jet fans are used in ventilation design.

Jet Fan Properties

  • Flow (m3/s) : 26.3
  • Velocity (m/s) : 33.5
  • Thrust : 1004
  • Power (kw) : 30

Tunnel Electrical System:

Tunnel Electrical System Design consists of Tunnel Electrification and Lighting, Tunnel Emergency Announce System, Tunnel Emergency Call (Telephone) System, Signalization System, Tunnel controlling System.