Tanzania – Second Phase of the Dar Es Salaam Bus Rapid Transit System

Project Description

Projects consist of Consultancy Services design review and construction supervision of road works (20.3km) including two fly overs and bus stations along the road.

Services provided; Review the design to ensure technical soundness prior to implementation of the works. Carry out Supervision of Works to ensure compliance with the approved design, drawings, specifications, conditions of contract and sound engineering practice. Review of the proposed traffic deviations during construction to ensure that the proposed traffic arrangement results in minimal disruption. Carry out supervision of activities during the defect liability period.

The duration of the assignment is 46 months with 248 staff months.  Construction work cost is US$ 200 million.

The contract is standard United Republic of Tanzania Government procurement contract in accordance with AfDb rules and procedures for the use of consultants. The Construction Supervision is in accordance with the FIDIC conditions of contract.

Technical Category of the road is: State Roads in an urban area.

Services Provided

  • Design review and detailed design activities are carried out to the appropriate technical standards;
  • Traffic Studies
  • Supervision services for widening, reconstruction, rehabilitation and construction
  • Determination of horizontal and vertical alignment and preparation of the reports
  • Hydrological and Hydraulic Surveys
  • Interchange Design
  • Hydraulic culvert and underpass designs
  • Drawings and preparation of final report
  • Drainage Works
  • Bill of Quantities
  • Landscape Design