Serbia – Preparation of Main Design for Heavy Maintenance of the State Roads – RRSP-CS3-RRD3-1-2016-11

Funded by European Investment Bank (EIB) and the World Bank (IBRD).

Project Description

Road Rehabilitation Safety Project is a project to the Government of Serbia in implementation of first phase of the Government’s Program for the period 2014-2019. Implementation of works on heavy maintenance of roads, the Project will include activities, procedures and processes that advance contracting the Works. A key step of this phase provision of detailed designs for heavy maintenance that would be completed in compliance with modern principles of safe road designing.
Related project consist of the Lots following below:

  • LOT 1: IB 13, Section: Zrenjanin (Ecka) – Ecka, L= 8.620 km
  • LOT 2: IB 21, Section: Kosjeric (Varda) – Pozega, L= 22.135km
  • LOT 3: IB 21, Section: Ivanjica – Sjenica, L= 23.036 km
  • LOT 4: IB 22, Section: Raska (K. Mitrovica) – Novi Pazar (Banja), L= 17.974 km

Services Provided

  • Detailed Engineering Design
  • Traffic Counting
  • Detailed Design for Geodetic Surveys
  • Study on Engineering, Geological and Geotechnical Surveys
  • Assessment of the Existing Pavement Condition
  • Assesment of the Condition of System for Draining Pavement and Road Base
  • Environmental Management Plan