Türkiye- Design and Construction Supervision and Engineering Services for Pozanti

Project Description

Pozantı – Tarsus – Mersin Motorway is the major and comprehensive part of the Trans-European Motorway which is located at the Mediterranean region of Turkey and it is also one of the most important roads which connect Middle East, South and South Eastern Anatolia. This motorway contributes great amounts to development and improvement of these mostly agricultural region and exportation of their production. For this reason, during the feasibility studies and planning stage, these vital subjects have taken into consideration for the economy, tourism and transportation sectors of Turkey.

In the scope of this project, BOTEK has also made an urban planning for Mersin city which has one of the most active and significant harbours in Turkey. Within the planning project, approximately 40 km long city roads and their motorway connections were designed and supervised including all drainage works, settlement and structure plans, landscape works, earthworks and traffic census and study.

In addition, BOTEK has provided supervision services for 700,000 m2 of park area which is known as the most significant and extensive projects one in Turkey. It comprises administrative buildings, public buildings, parks, restaurants, shops, petrol stations, toilets and all electrical and mechanical installations related with these facilities.

Supervision Services of this Trans-European Motorway (TEM) project have been carried out in three stages:

1.Pozantı – Tarsus Motorway, Section I. (15.266 km)

This Motorway Section starts at Tekir Hill of Pozantı and ends at Çamalan region. At this section, a part of road infrastructure and some of the structures have previously been constructed by (GDH), General Directorate of Highways.

2.Pozantı – Tarsus Motorway, Section II, (30.492 km)

The motorway which is constructed between Pozantı and Tarsus continues as TAG Motorway in Adana – Gaziantep direction towards East and, as Çukurova Motorway in Mersin-Çeşmeli direction towards West.

3.Tarsus Separation, Mersin Motorway (103.00 km)

Besides motorway works, BOTEK was also responsible for following activities:

  • Lighting Works comprising all motorway, toll plazas, parking areas, service and maintenance areas, tunnels, over-passes, under-passes and interchanges to include transformers, lanterns, armatures, polls, cables, emergency generator and all other ancillary equipments and spares
  • Emergency communications system works include phones, cabling, power source, posts and other works and spares
  • Demolition, reconstruction or relocation of under or above ground electrical, telecommunication lines and drinking water installations
  • Arrangement and planning ofside roads and facilities located alongside of the motorway

Project Summary

  • Pozantı – Tarsus Motorway, Section I:(2×3),   15.266 km
  • Pozantı – Tarsus Motorway, Section II: (2×3),   30.492 km
  • Tarsus – Mersin Motorway: (2×3), 103.000 km
  • Totally 148.7 km Motorway
  • Viaducts (Total Length of 4422 m)
  • Berdan Viaduct (L: 971 Meter)
  • Deliçay Viaduct (L: 893 Meter)
  • İçme Viaduct (L: 425 Meter)
  • Müftü Viaduct (L: 1.088 Meter)
  • Mezitli Viaduct (L: 854 Meter)
  • Mersin – Gözne Road (Outgoing Connection Road on the highway)(L: 191 Meter)
  • Toll Plazas
  • 200 m Long Cut and Cover Tunnel
  • Maintenance Areas
  • Parking Areas
  • Service Areas
  • Over-pass Bridges
  • Under-pass Bridges
  • Interchange Bridges
  • Box Culverts
  • Under-passes
  • Over-passes

Building Summary

Within the scope of Pozantı – Tarsus and Tarsus – Mersin Motorways, there exist;

  • Maintenance and Operating Centres (77,800 m2) each comprising of:
  1. Administrative Building (2 Storey)
  2. Dormitories and Kitchen (4 Storey)
  3. 22×22 (4 Storey) Lodgements
  • Administrative Buildings at each 10 different Toll Plazas
  • Police Stations at 2 different Toll Plazas
  • Parking Areas (185,000 m2) each consisting of toilets, buffets and restaurant buildings
  • Service Stations (367,990 m2) each consisting of petrol stations, restaurants and repair plus maintenance workshops

The grand total of the buildings are approx.   20 000 m2 closed area at a value of nearly EUR 18 Million.

Services Provided

  • Supervision of Motorway Construction
  • Supervision of Viaduct, Bridge & Structure
  • Supervision of Motorway Barriers and Railings
  • Supervision of Construction of Facilities,
  • Parking and Maintenance Areas, Service
  • Stations, Toll Plazas, Administrative and Public
  • Buildings
  • Supervision of Motorway Landscape Works
  • Supervision of Pavement and Earthworks
  • Supervision of Electric and Water Line
  • Installations
  • Supervision of Lighting Works
  • Traffic Census
  • Traffic Signs and Signalization
  • Drainage Works
  • Landscape Studies and Planning
  • Design Review
  • Quality Control
  • Data processing and Documentation
  • Preparation of Final Accounts and Payment