Türkiye- Construction Supervision and Engineering Services for Reconstruction of Düzce

Project Description

The European Investment Bank has provided a fund for the Government of Turkey, a portion of which is to be utilized in the reconstruction of the urban roads in Düzce, Çilimli, Gölyaka, Cumayeri, Kaynaşlı, Gümüşova, Yığılca, Beyköy, Konuralp, Boğaziçi and Akçakoca which have been damaged during the 1999 earthquake. The total length of roads to be reconstructed is approximately 100 km.

The reconstruction of the roads will begin with the excavation to the necessary depth. This depth will be determined such that it will accommodate the new pavement thickness, consisting of sub-base, binder course and wearing course. In case the soil at the bottom of excavation is found to be unsuitable on which to construct the pavement, then an additional excavation is to be performed and the excavated material is to be replaced with such material whose properties are suitable and allows the construction of the pavement.

This project is executed according to the FIDIC Red Book.

Services Provided

  • Monitoring and Inspection of the construction
  • Quality Control of the Works
  • Supervision of Cut-fill Works
  • Supervision of Asphalt Pavement Works
  • Final Accounts and Payment Certificates