Türkiye- Çamsan Wood Factory

Project Description

ÇAMSAN – ORDU Wood Factory is active since 1984 over a surface of 162.000 m2 out of which 42.000 m2 comprise to indoor area.

Being the first MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) producer in Turkey, ÇAMSAN has established its first MDF factory in 1984 in Ordu and started its production with a capacity of 200 m3 per day. ÇAMSAN which carried the honor of introducing this technology for the first time in Turkey still maintains its pioneer position as for the quality, capacity and product varieties that it offers. ÇAMSAN Inc. carries the responsibility of being the first and the pioneer on its branch and never deviates from its quality and line. In other words when MDF is mentioned, ÇAMSAN Inc. is the first company recalled in Turkey.

Services Provided

  • Cost Analysis
  • Design Check
  • Preparing Tender Documents
  • Quality Control